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  • All reservations must be made at least the day prior before 5PM and are subject to availability
  • Reservations canceled within 24 hrs of scheduled pick-up will be charged $35.
  • Reservations canceled at time of pick-up, or while driver is in route, will be charged full price.
  • Reservations MUST be canceled more than 24 hrs before scheduled pick-up for no charge.
  • One hour wait time is included with any reservation.

  • GFW Shuttle Services is not responsible for weather delays, flight delays or flight cancellations.
  • After one hour of free wait time has lapsed a charge for $40 per hour will apply based on rounding

    to the next highest 15 minute increment.

  • A $50 per hour charge applies to executive services only.

  • Funds for detention must be paid before departure.
  • Smoking and the use of alcohol is strictly prohibited.


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